BBU drops mix-tape- “Bell Hooks”

photo courtesy of Fresh Wet Paint
Bin Laden Blowing Up – also known as BBU (Black, Brown and Ugly), became known from their internet success in 2009. According to their Facebook fan BBU is a loosely organized group of high-flying hooligans who are united under the common goal of world liberation. They lack a unified command, yet they are linked by a common ideology and capable of autonomous operation. Chi-town’s BBU is made up of Illekt, Epic, and Jasson Perez, who today, have dropped their new mix-tape Bell Hooks. Listen to my favorite track, Kurt De La Rocha (Prod. by Tony Baines), off the mix-tape Bell Hooks. You’ll understand why they named it “Kurt De La Rocha”.

Check out the rest of the BBU’s mix-tape, Bell Hooks HERE

Felix the Hat,
Live Music City, high hopes!