The Smashing Pumpkins announce track list for new album ‘Oceania’

photo courtesy of Stereo Gum

WOW! Expect a whole lot of hard rock, where it seems as The Smashing Pumpkins have brought back their old sound, and its freakin’ awesome. Does Billy Corgan age at all, because he keeps getting better with new ideas and sounds that he incorporates into this new album… from complexity to simplicity, this album is gonna rock! Check out the full track list below, get the album Oceania 6/19, and listen to my fave from the upcoming record “Quasar”…

Oceania- track list
01 “Quasar”
02 “Panopticon”
03 “The Celestials”
04 “Violet Rays”
05 “My Love Is Winter”
06 “One Diamond, One Heart”
07 “Pinwheels”
08 “Oceania”
09 “Pale Horse”
10 “The Chimera”
11 “Glissandra”
12 “Inkless”
13 “Wildflower”

Felix the Hat,
Live Music City, high hopes!

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