Are you a Burner?

Burning Man 2012!!! The above pictures can give you an idea of just how big Burning Man is. This annual festival is literally held in the middle of nowhere, Black Rock City, NV. People of all ages, attend this 8 day adventure where they will encounter music of all genres, art pieces of all dimensions, people weirder than you, and make lifelong friends that share this experience with you. This year Burning Man will begin on August 27, incorporating this years theme ‘Fertility’. If you enjoy camping, live music, art, being free with nature, and think you can survive the hot days and cold nights of the Nevada Desert, you may want to look more into going to Burning Man this year.

Burn on…

Live Music City, high hopes!

Agreed! “Bring G Funk Back” by Omar Aura

Omar Aura has brought back a flavor we’ve been missing from the hip-hop scene, they’re the beats we grew up with, the tracks we were raised on, the era of creation… the “G Funk” sound. In the track “Bring G Funk Back”, Omar Aura does a fascinating job of recreating that familiar sound  that you can bump over and over again. His talents as a rapper and performer are greatly demonstrated in this video.

To hear and see more of Omar Aura go to:


Live Music City, high hopes!

Over DubStep?

I was getting close to being over it myself, until I recently heard some invigorating DubStep from “dawn unduh”. Chewie, is an artist that resides in Melbourne Australia. His creations are taking over the DubStep scene. Dj’s like Babylon System, Reso, and Triage and The Bassist are currently playing his tracks in the clubs. If you’re looking for some fresh DubStep Chewie’s your man.

Bravo Diablo’s “Just Another Day” is epic!

Fresno’s Bravo Diablo, continues to compose veritable hip-hop while amazingly coinciding the music video at a level way beyond MTV’s top hits. He makes it feel like you are watching a Spike Lee movie with a perfect soundtrack. This is just an appetizer of whats to come in the next of couple months, where Bravo and Halo the Human join forces to bring you California Galaxy’s debut album, Live Music City Radio.
Check out more of Bravo Diablo’s music at

Felix the Hat,
Live Music City, high hopes!

Asaf Avidan? Only one of the best voices in the world

Yes, Asaf Avidan is not your typical artist and for sure you will not find his music in your older brothers record collection, or hear him on the radio here in the states. He is another middle east, Israeli singer I learned about during my time in Tel Aviv. At first, without looking at the singer, you may have thought a woman was singing,  however Avidan has reached new limits with his ridiculous vocal range, and can hit notes I have only heard Phillip Bailey of Earth, Wind, and Fire hit. If he doesn’t give you the chills, there is seriously something wrong with you. Pass his music on, and maybe he will realize he has fans in the U.S.


Live Music City, high hopes!

BIG K.R.I.T- Boobie Miles


First single off Big K.R.I.T’s 4eva N a Day, Boobie Miles.  Dope song, If the album is anything like this we are all in for a treat.


“Going Off” sums up Halo The Human’s new mixtape

As mentioned in the title, this entire mixtape is “Going Off”, which happens to also be the name of the fifth song on Halo’s new mixtape, Electric Lady Dream Land:the Magic Hour Mixtape. He has taken his skills to a new level and this track definitely reflects his true strength as an artist. You can feel the mood truly escalate… then the explosion of emotions, as he gets deeper into the track. Don’t pass this one up, check it out!

Listen to “Going Off”:


Live Music City, high hopes!